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  • POINT01. 1:1 customized treatment
    provided by an expert dermatologist

    A dermatologist directly diagnoses and treats the skin condition.

  • POINT 02. Option to choose whether to be
    treated by a male or female doctor

    At Gold Dermatology, you can feel free to receive treatment
    from either a male or female dermatologist!

  • POINT 03. Convenient location

    It is located right in front of Exit 1 of Hwanggeum Station
    (Line 3) for more convenient use.

  • POINT 04. Treatment available even
    on Friday evenings and on Sundays

    Gold Dermatology offers treatment on Sundays and in the evening
    until 8:00 on Friday evening for office workers or busy people.

  • POINT 05. Wide range of medical
    device equipment available

    In order to effectively solve skin problems, we have a wide range of equipment
    optimized for treating according to skin condition and skin type.
    It is effective for personalized treatment according to individual conditions.

  • POINT 06. Medical staff that conduct R&D

    The Gold Dermatology medical team constantly pursues R&D
    to provide customers with satisfactory treatment by continuously attending
    conferences and engaging in academic activities.

  • POINT 07. Customer management system

    Through our own customer management system and membership system,
    we increase customer satisfaction through lifetime customer management.

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